Welcome to the NDIS Workshop Kit

A workshop kit to create an actionable plan towards achieving your digital goals.

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A kit for helping you navigate through the NDIS changes

You're here now and that's exciting because we know that changes are inevitable, especially within your industry (with the introduction of the NDIS in 2016). Working through the changes will require you to look ahead and plan. This kit has been designed to assist you with that.

How will this help me?

The 12 cards in this kit will give you the means to explore, discuss and understand the current state of your organisation and prioritise and plan how you will carve out your position in the changing market.

One kit, many outcomes

The activities are simple and can be played with as many people as you like, in a variety of ways. Find an activity that suits your organisation’s needs.

To prioritise your organisation's goals

To generate ideas for what challenges to tackle next

To look ahead and plan

Seeing is believing

We have mentioned all the great learning you will gain from using this kit, but seeing is believing. This kit comes with a handy instructions to refer to. Meanwhile, see it in action to give you an idea of how to use the kit in different settings.

I want my own NDIS Workshop Kit

Drop us a message and we'll line up getting a kit for you.

The people behind this kit

Websilk has a long standing relationship with a variety of Not for Profit (NFP) organisations. We have worked with organisations like World Vision Australia, Vision Australia, Beyond Blue and The Olivia Newton John Centre. By supporting these organisations with their digital capabilities they have been able to provide their customers with outstanding value.

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